December 2019

Tis' the Season for Reflection !!!!! #CoachingCollab

Greetings Coaching Collab, tis the season for reflection!!!! One of the most integral aspects of impactful coaching and teaching is reflective practice. As the end of the year approaches we often reflect on our success and and the first half of the school year, we often reflect on the highs and lows experienced in the past last 12 months. For Educators December offers a time for reflection and iteration of the 1st half of the school year.

Important Reminders:

Important December Reminders:

  • Join the iTeach Twitter chat- December 10th at 7:00 EST #iTeachtalks
  • Live Webinar- December 18th at 12:00 p.m. EST (Gain information on how to navigate the conference, completing modules, and things to do while in Miami) Join the webinar: http://bit.ly/CoachingCollabWebinar
  • January 6th- Try Completing ALL coaching modules (Begin completing the coaching modules and don't forget to submit your mastery of evidence)
  • Coaching code for FETC registration is, FETC20KSU (this gives you $150 off on registration for Basic Plus and Premium)
  • Review the flow of getting started with the Coaching Collab, CLICK HERE
  • Submit evidence of Mastery for modules by uploading content via KSU iTeach website or Link SUBMIT MASTERY EVIDENCE FOR BADGE
  • Reminder: During the conference you will attend 5 Coaching Sessions and the Ed Tech Coach Celebration: KSU/FETC Certificate of Learning Collab. Here are the sessions we recommend. FETC RECOMMENDED SESSIONS

Tis' the season for Reflection!!!

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Resources for Reflection and Teacher Feedback

Coaching & Reflection

As a school leader, how can we bring reflective practices into the culture of our school? What innovative strategies do you use as a school leader to help your teachers? Read about the role of coaching and reflection to identify ways that you can implement impactful reflective practices in your school.