Women Roles

By: Kate Brimmer

Women in the past

In the past, women in Africa were one of the poorest people in the world. If a girl didn't have a man to support her, then their was no way for her to get money and she would die. Women were never hired and were told to stay home and raise kids while their husband went out to work. That is why when girls who couldn't find a husband, they would starve to death.

Women roles now changing

Now, women have been chiefs of their tribes, even though the laws showed that it was the first son who should be the next cheif. The start of this new change in their tradition was a chief whos wife had one child before dying, who was a girl. The chief never married again, so he never had a son. He loved his baby girl so much that he couldn't pick a better chief then her. He changed the rule, and then the word spread to different towns and tribes. From then on, Africa has been choosing females for things that would have been given to a male. Their are still people who don't agree with this idea and favor men over women for jobs. Slowly but surely, women in Africa are working their way up the industry. For now, they are still struggling, but they will soon rise to be equal.


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