Merry Christmas

from the Yasenchak Family

2015 A Year of Change

This year was full of changes for everyone in our family.

  • Dave moved from the Norristown PA branch of Grainger to work at Knoll Corp as a Keepstock personnel from Grainger then to the Allentown Grainger branch. He really enjoyed working so close to home.
  • Teaching is challenging with all the changes to our curriculum this year. My fourth grade class is wonderful. Earl School is a wonderful place to work. It is one big family.
  • David moved out on his own. He lives in Phoenixville and works for Kimberton Whole Foods. He has been very busy with his artwork. Commissions, art shows, and many other projects are keeping him very busy. He still has time to enjoy festivals, shows and hiking.
  • Chelsea and Jon have seen many changes this year. Chelsea has gotten a wonderful promotion at work. Cancer research is such interesting and rewarding work. They also just bought a new house. We spent our last few weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas helping packing and moving.
  • Being a grandparent is the best job in the world. Everett growing up has been the best part of the whole year. He is the sweetest little boy ever. His happy disposition and great personality adds so much joy to my life. I wish we lived closer to see him everyday. Our goal was to see him every two weeks to a month. It worked most of the time.