About Us

By: The Pet Abandonemnt group

Julian Napoles

I like to play soccer and skateboard. I have a girl dog. I am 11 years old. My favourite color is blue. I also like to play video games.
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Justine Suba

I like to shop and play with my dog. My dog has almost the same birthday as me. I play piano. I am 11 years old. My favorite colors are aqua, purple, and pink.
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Simone Smith

Hi, I'm Simone thank for reading our Pet Abandonment Piece:). I like art and writing( mostly art). My favorite hobbies are track, draw or art, writing, yelling at my brothers, and being a good role model.

Thank You:)

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Gabe Fiore

I'm from Italy. I like to play basketball and football. I also have very nice hair. Thank you for reading this.
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Endia Ashby

I play ball and i cheer and I am from Missouri and Kansas. And I have a zoo at my house.
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