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#WEareRH - Friday, 1/8/18

Students return Monday

Happy new year, everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday break. Students return Monday, January 8th. Students will report directly to 1st block. Students can access schedules on PowerSchool. Students who are unsure of where to go for 1st block can find a teacher on duty Monday morning - they should have a list of students by 1st block and be able to help get students to the right classroom.

Passion on the Hill

This week our Passion on the Hill episode features math teacher Paula Compton and her passion, horses.

Paula Compton, Math Teacher; Horses ( https://goo.gl/7SynzJ )

AP Test Registration OPEN

Advanced Placement Exam Registration is now open.

Students may register for exams and begin making full or partial payments toward the cost of their AP exams beginning November 1, 2017.

Please visit the following link to register for 2018 AP exams:


SAT and ACT test dates and registration information

The SAT and ACT are given several times throughout each school year. Please click the links below for additional information about test dates, registration deadlines, and information about how to register.

SAT information

ACT information

Taking care of our students

Transitions and changes are difficult for all of us. At the beginning of this new semester, all students will have new classes and new teachers. Their class locations change, and their lunch block might change. All of these changes can be hard, we know. RHHS wants these changes to be as successful as possible. Teachers have heard from me that they need to be ready and watchful - looking for students who might appear to be having a hard time with the changes. I encourage you to reach out to us if you know of particular struggles your child is having. Finally, and most importantly, we have a wonderful staff of counselors for our students. Students often find great support from meeting with a counselor.

I've included counselor information below - please never hesitate to let us know if we can be of better support. Email information for each counselor can be found on the RHHS website (http://www.bryan.k12.ga.us/o/rhhs/page/school-counseling--7 )

Rashida Bunyan: last names A-Davidson

Emily Neff: Davis - Hobby

Wallace Ingram: Hod-Miller

Laine Lynch: Milton-Sa

Saraswati Hendrix: Sc-Z

Jennifer Blanton: Graduation Coach

Jonna Vaughn: Military Family Life Counselor