Anne frank project

Anne frank

The theme we must show is courage. When faced with obstacles Anne and her family showed courage. It is shown throughout the Diary of Anne Frank. She shows courage when her family goes into hiding. In her diary, she says "it's the silence and the nights that frightens me the most." (381) This shows courage because although Anne is scared, she continues on. Another example of courage is when Mr. Kraler and Meip are helping the families in the Annex. Anne writes "if the nazis found out they were hiding us, they would suffer the same fate that we would." Kraler and Meip show courage because they do not have to help and be in harms way, but they do because it is the right thing to do. The final example of courage in the Diary of Anne Frank is when they are found by the Green Police. The play reads "she is no longer a child, but a woman with courage, to meet whatever lies ahead." This shows that Anne has courage to face what comes next these are examples of how we need courage.

Another theme is to perservere when times get tough. Because they're being hunted like animals and they have to put up with each other, they show perseverance. Otherwise they will be found and killed and they don't want that. Also, food and other supplies are hard to get without someone sneaking it to you; that just makes everything else harder on you. Also, you have to think of all of the stress that would be put on you during this. Putting all of that together, you're basically dying slowly inside or being pushed slowly toward insanity.

Another theme for the whole play is to stick together. That would be hard to stay in a cramped place like that for two years. They almost got caught a couple of times, but they stayed strong through the whole thing by sticking together. They could have just given up and got everybody caught and killed, but they didn't because they worked together to survive.