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Where are mermaids located?

They haven't ever been spotted in lakes! Therefore they live in oceans. Here is a map of where they have been spotted...

where was ther 1st sighting?

Mermaids were 1st sighted in thye Israeli town of kiryat yam

Mermaid History and mystery

A mermaid is a creature that is half human, and half fish.According to legends, there were many instances where in sailors that caught a glimpse of the Mermaid were so attracted to it, that they jumped into the sea to make contact, and were eventually drowned in the process. Some cultures accuse Mermaids of possessing such beauty that they have a hypnotic effect on men. Some claim that the Mermaid drowns them in the process of taking them to their underwater homes, while others insist that Mermaids are creatures to stay away from, as they drown their victims of lust purposely, and suck out their life from them. On the other hand, there are also stories where mermaids saved humans from sharks and rescued them when the tide swept them away


Over the past hundred years there have been many sightings of mermaids. Here is the best video we have of a mermaid...

Theories and Explanation

Skeletons of mermaids have washed up on shore. Here is a picture of the most accurate on. This skeleton is found in a museum along with other mermaid skeletons that have washed ashore.
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Interesting Facts about Mermaids

  • They lay eggs
  • Aquamarine Is Made of Mermaid Tears
  • starbucks original logo was of a mermaid


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