department of defense

Carmen Paredes

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What does this department do? how does this department affect society

Take care the nation military including trading equipment.

Who is the current secretary of the department?

Secretary Chuck Hogel.

When was this department created and why?

Pre-revolutionary times 1775 , consolidated 1949

What is major issues has this department dealt with in the last 50 years?

Advises president develop and resources strategies to succeed in Afghanistan and Iraq (Iraqi operation freedom is now over.

What role, if any, does this department have setting or affecting foreign policy?

Advises president ,makes the budget.

What agencies or organizations are included in this department and what do they do?

The three military branches , army, navy, and air force.

How large is the department and where is located?

Over 1.4 million me and women on active duty 718.000 civilian personnel 1.1 million serve in the national guard and reserve forces.

How is the department funded?


One responsibility of this office that seems unusual or surprising?

Department of defense to fund 5.5 million concussion study.

Most recent appearance in the news?

Army auctioning off humus to the public.