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Monday, November 11th Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is celebrated each year to honor those who have served our country. Many assemblies, celebrations and ceremonies occur in our local schools and in cities and towns throughout the nation in order to let veterans know how valuable they are.

Join your local campuses to celebration Veteran's Day the DRAGON way!

Check with your school for specific times for your child's campus celebration.

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Gratitude and Honor for Custodians and Cafeteria Staff

Everyone knows that lunchroom and custodial staff do a lot in order for the school to run smoothly. They often work tirelessly and are behind the scenes to ensure everything is clean and healthy. Let's show our gratitude by acknowledging the service of our custodians and cafeteria workers by saying thank you for all that they do behind the scenes. Send a note, have your child draw a picture or drop by and say thank you.
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Helping Children Make and Keep Friends

1) The Importance of Empathy. Empathy is the most valuable asset of a positive relationship. It is the joy in knowing that someone cares about you. Teach kids empathy by modeling the behavior yourself when you talk to your child.

2) Being There for Friends. Another important lesson in the art of making friendships and developing positive relationships is being there for a friend. When a friend calls you needing something, try to be the one who is there for them. People remember this in the long run and appreciate people who have tried to help them.

3) Laugh and Have Fun. Part of friendship is having fun with your friends. A good sense of humor and being able to share experiences is part of the intimacy of friendship and good relationships. Teach kids to share what they have with others and to have fun with friends by being positive and jovial with them. If they have a friend who is constantly pulling them down, pressuring them or making them feel bad—they may not be much of a friend at all. Also make sure your child is not the one who may be treating others poorly.

4) Be Loyal. When it comes to building positive long-lasting relationships, loyalty is king. Teach kids to be loyal to their friends and be there when someone needs them. These are important skills that will last into their adult relationships.

5) Listen. Everyone wants to be listened to. Active listening is different than passive listening. Passive listening involved only hearing what is said, where active listening means exhibiting listening behaviors, such as leaning toward the person when they are talking, replying with a statement, and other attributes. The better your child learns to listen to others, the more positive their relationships of any kind will be.

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The Resiliency Project


Braver. Smarter. Stronger.

Braver than yesterday. Smarter today.

Stronger than challenges coming my way.

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