Profiles In Sports Courage

A look at some of the bravest athletes ever.

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The cover of the book by Ken Rappoport

The Big And Brave Idea

This book is divided into many sections about courageous athletes. First, it talks about the segregation boxing star Muhammed Ali and baseball player Jackie Robinson faced. Then, it discusses terrible health problems and injuries some athletes suffered through on and off the field. Lastly, it talks about the courage of athletes in the field of war. This is all linked by the bravery these sports stars have or had.

Different Kinds Of Bravery

This books general idea is about bravery among sports players. However, upon closer inspection, you do realize that there are different kinds of bravery. One kind of bravery is the kind when you are suffering from health problems. Separately, there is a kind of bravery against segregation. Similarly, these are all included in this compelling novel.
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