Chapter 11 Polynomials

Important info for this chapter.

Vocabulary- Unit 1

  • Degree of a Polynomial- Highest power
  • Term of a Polynomial- Each group of multiplied numbers and variables is a term
  • Standard Form- Written from highest to lowest
  • Coefficients of a Polynomial- # in front of variable
  • Leading Coefficient- # in front of variable with the highest power
  • Constant term, constant- # at end, no variable

Unit 2

Multiplying Polynomials

Extended Distributive Property..... Super Distributing!

I found that using the box method works best for me.

Degree of a polynomial in several variables: when a Polynomial in one variable is added to or multiplied by a polynomial in another variable, the degree is the largest sum of the exponents of the variables in any term.

Unit 3


Factoring a polynomial

Factored form of a polynomial

Greatest common monomial factor

Prime polynomial

Irreducible polynomial

Unit 4

Big image

Learning to Find Zeros (roots)

2nd Trace #2

Go to the left of the zero then to the right then guess


The zeros of this equation are 3, -6, and 7/2

Units 5 and 6

Finding real, no real, and complex roots

Units 7 and 8

Finite Differences

Using first and second differences to find whether tis quadratic, cubic, etc.