Indimarie Perez Rosario

Environmental Study Project


The warmest month of the year is july.The coldest weather in january. The temperatures in the highest temp that was ever recorded was about 103 degrees and the lowest tempt ever recorded was -2 and it was in 1899. The daily weather in orlando are

january:the highest is 71 degrees and the lowest 49

december: highest 73 lowest

Those were the the average temperatures in orlando. The average rainfall we get a year is 53.17 inches of rain.

Some of the ways the weather affect our lives is that if you play sports or if you're an outdoorsy person then it will be hard for you to go outside. I would say this because we often have rain storms and tropical storms so most of the time if you look outside the ground is mostly wet most of the time.Some good features of the rainy weather is that the flowers get more water and( we don't have to go outside for PE).Also another good feature is most of the time if you go outside it sunny and its a pretty day for playing out side and many more cool things.Some of the bad features are that we get more rain then sun most of the time.One second is a sunny and a pretty day and then the next second is raining and thundery.Thats how florida weather is crazy.

Natural Disasters

We get a lot of hurricanes when there's bad weather put their watch out is coming to florida. We get tropical storms once a year. Otherwise we get a lot of tornado s about almost every time it rains hard we get tornadoes.Flooding is common things that we get in the city of Orlando just because we are near sea level.In the past ten years we have gotten we have had about 15 hurricanes occur. We barely get any fire hazard though in every blue moon.n just about the last ten years we've had about 6 tornado's that made massive disruption ,but we've ’ had a lot more tornadoes that haven’t had a lot of impact but we've had a lot.lot. We've had about 14 tropical storms occur in the last ten years.We really don't get many freezes but just in about ten years we have gotten about 6 but i thought it. We've had about 18 massive floods occur in the last 10 years which is a lot if you think about it.Ways residents should be prepare for these massive event could be

1.Can food supplies

2.Always have lots of water

3.Always know for a safe place to meet

4.Have safe areas where you can get in in case of these disasters 5.have disaster supplies ready

6.Create a disaster plan

7. check any things in your house that are broken ex(windows,doors)

8.Always keep your family together when a natural disaster is going on

One bad hurricane that happen was hurricane Wilma.It was one of the most intense tropical storms recorded in the Atlantic basin.It was a category 5 hurricane.Which is pretty rough if u think about it.It caused 62 deaths and massive destruction.It was that bad that it even ranked one of the 5 most powerful hurricanes ever recorded.


The city of Orlando was discovered back in 1536.By a man named Aaron jernigan. Before The city of Orlando was named Orlando it was named jernigan. Legend says that the name Orlando came from a soldier name Orlando Reeves.Who died in 1835 during an attack by the native Americans. The population of Orlando then was about 575,000 people and Orlando population now is 2,134,411 attracting more than 51 million tourists a year. That's a big difference.The community has changed a lot.With more theme parks such as Disney,universal.wet n wild,sea world aquatica and more.It attracts a lot of people to move in the are and visit.Also having many malls for people to shop in that also attracts people to the area.I think that in the early 1500 they probably didn't have that which probably didn't really attract people to come live here or visit here. Since is known as the most beautiful city


Popular housings here in the city of Orlando are they are many one story houses with no basements that were wooden.With many of the old style looks.They are many popular sports here in Orlando. One of them is football,people go crazy with football games.A nice way Floridians spend their football day with a couple of wings,chips and the game on a big screen TV. Some people get so into it that they even have a party for it.Or some people just go out to a sport restaurant and watch it there.Another popular sport is basketball.A lot of people like to watch the basketball games.They get so into it especially when their favorite teams are on.The residents in my community are very quite.So i really don’t know what most of the people like.Although my dad is a huge basketball fan I just know that he cannot ever miss a game because if he does he would get upset.


In my community the only animals you would find here are squirrels,ducks,birds and dogs.Just because I live in an apartment complex.These animals hurt the community by when the ducks be on the pool and stuff they make it dirty and they always be pooping on the floor everywhere.The most interesting animal in my community would be a squirrel. Just because they're always scared of you and there always hiding. Which is adorable also the way the eat their nuts its so cute. Also I love it how they just stop and start staring at you which is pretty funny.Also because squirrels are small animals.It's kinda difficult for you to see a them because their that sneaky.


In my community there Is a lot of hispanic people.Especially from Puerto Rico.Which is where I am from .There is also some people from the Dominican Republic but there is mostly spanish people here.In my culture we speak spanish and we might eat some different foods such as (fried plantaine,alkacapurria,mondongo wich is different animal intestines and tembleke wich is a dessert wich is sweet and taste delicious.Also we listen a lot to different types of music.Some of them are up beat but dome of them are sad.We also dance to many spanish dances such as salsa,merrenge,bachata and many more.These two cultures come together because since there both spanish they have many things in common which is good because then you have a community full of spanish people which is pretty cool.

My Map

I love to got to the mall (because i love shopping).I also like to go to the outlets and have fun and look at some of the sales that the stores have.Just because in the outlets they always have specials.Also I like to go to five guys because they make the best hamburgers.Their french fries are the best,the special thing about them is that they make them with peanut oil and it just taste so good I love them.

Overall Reflection

In these sections Included many facts.I included things about the environment,wildlife,history and more.I explained in detail and added more about the city of Orlando. It was great finding out things I didn't know about.Especially who discovered the city of Orlando who would ever knew about those things.Also i learned more about my culture.I learned that we eat some weird food.Also that we are just crazy people.I also learned here more about the weather.I never knew that we got so many storms in the past years.Also the affect of hurricane Wilma.Wow never knew how bad it was.