Who's Learning? We are!!!

Great week of learning in Brookside!

We learned about Owls this week!

This week we continue to practice looking for FACTS!! We are learning how to get FACTS from text and from video!! We learned a lot about OWLS! Some interesting facts about owls are:

  • Owls come out at night and sleep through the day. This is called being nocturnal.
  • Owls have big ears so that they can hear their prey!
  • Owls have big eyes in order to see at night.
  • Owls eat their prey whole, then they spit out an owl pellet.

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Math Madness!

Katrina Joins the Team!

We are now very lucky to have Katrina in our math class. She is a great artist and we are happy to have her in our class. Hopefully she will draw something for us this year! It is great to have her with us!

New Story!

I Survived Hurricane Katrina, is our new read aloud! This is a story about a boy named Barry who survives Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He and his dog get blown away and are stranded in water. He has to hold on to a tree for dear life. We hope he gets rescued!

We like having a story read aloud to us. Most days Ms. Fox reads from some kind of text aloud, to us. We are listening to fiction and nonfiction books.

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