Franklin D. Roosevelt

Lilliana C.


FDR did amazing things in his early life.FDR was born in Hyde park, New York. Franklin grew up in a Big house with lots of land. After when he was in boarding school he met Elanor Roosevelt his future wife! FDR was an amazing leader in his early life!

personal challanges

FDR had a lot of personal Chanllanges. in 1921, he got a diesses and was not abble to walk. while Roosevelt was at warm spirings Elanor continued his counpaign. FDR could walk but only on crutches or leanig on someone could NEVER walk agen evan know he had an awfal dissrse he still worked hard!


FDR was voted President because he was a helpful leader. FDR was president of the united states longer then any other president. meanwhile during the Depression he helped people with jobs, food, clothing, and housing. Meanwhile he started a program called "the new deal". FDR gave our countery hope and make it a better state.


Information from: American Heroes: Franklin Delano Roosevelt By: Nathan Asher Katzin

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