How to Attract The Man You Want

It's time to attract your Mr. Right!

Are You Ready to Attract Your Mr Right?

Are You Ready to Attract Your Mr Right?

Tired of bumping into Mr. Not Right Now, Mr. Non- Committal
And The Idea of Dating Makes You Break Out in Cold Sweat!

Are you sick and tired of always hooking up with these lame losers who pretend to be all fun, friendly and cuddly and just when you really get into them! You realize they're even 10 times worse than the other cray-cray you broke up with. Maybe you're beginning to wonder -

What's it about me that seems to repel 'Mr Right' and attract losers, you secretly believe that

* All great men have been snapped up.
* You don’t know how to catch the attention of your ideal man.
* That the men you truly desire and want would not be interested in you.
* That some other woman has what it takes to be an attraction magnate and you don't have the attraction gene.
If you answered yes to any of the above, then this event is for you!

Join me for How to Attract The Man You Want & Desire With Ease! A women only Evening where you will discover the thingsthat are getting in your way of being the attraction magnet that you really are....

This event will be a fun an easy introduction to get you from being date shy to show up as your own silver screen siren....

Discover how being a soup kitchen woman is keeping you attracting loser, liars, jerks and assholes and what you need to do to attract the man of your dreams the easy way.

This evening will help you:

* Easily change your dating pattern.
* Turn up your seductive energy.
* Know how to get the man to cross a crowded room for you.
* How to get past the first date to keep him wanting to see more of you!
This evening event is hosted by Lillian Ogbogoh the Sensuality Discovery Specialist who helps women to break up with the mind-sets and thoughts that keeps them feeling unfulfilled, single and invisible in their own lives. Teaching them how to take center stage in their own lives to attract and have the amazing relationship and life they truly desire!

This is what her clients have to say about working with her

Also they have said

What Ms Roseblossom had to say

Also special guest in attendance, will be The SuccSex Coach to the stars Cv Pillay, Award Winning Author,International Speaker and Screenplay Writer will be joining us on the night to share The Secrets That Your Mama Didn't Tell You About Men...

He will be teaching you his trademark secrets "How to Get Your Mr. Right and his Soul Mate Finder process!"

Check out the book's fanpage here

You don't want to miss this evening so Book your place today!

How to Attract The Man You Want & Desire With Ease!

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 6:30-9:30pm

Hilton London Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom


For more information, visit the event page on Eventbrite.

Lillian Ogbogoh, the Sensuality Discovery Specialist

Lillian Ogbogoh (Soul Calling Events)

I'm Lillian Ogbogoh, the Sensuality Discovery Specialist my mission in this life is to empower women. to redefine their self-relationships and reconnecting them with their deeply sensual sides.

Giving them room to rediscover their own desirable, sensuous and audacious selves.

I help you to figure out what is keeping you single, celibate and unfulfilled in and out of the bedroom! So they can attract the life and love of their dreams….

I’m also enthusiastic about training others how to Master The Art of Seductive Communication: how to influence with ease and grace for small business owners and soloprenuers.

I'm a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner helping my clients to master the inner workings of their mind and who they are.

Soul Calling Events is the events side of her business to produce unique events that broadens the mind and awaken passions deep within....

to contact her contact her at

Is your dating life a feast or famine?