Madam CJ Walker

Self-made millionaire

Who was she?

Do you know who the first self made millionaire was? Will I do, here is where it all started. When a little girl was born her name was Sarah Breedlove. She was born on December 23, 1867. She was born near Delta Louisiana.When she was five her mom died. She helped her dad by doing chores. They lived in a small cottage on a farm. After a couple years of living on their farm,her dad died.She was seven. Her Seven year old sister took care of her until she was in her teens. When C.J. was fourteen she got married to Mose McWilliams. He was a mail delivery man.C.J. gave birth to Leia Mcwilliams after a few months Mose died once Leia was 2 years old.C.J. and Lelia lived in a dirty and dangerous places. She wanted a better life for her and Leila. She moved in with her sister and her husband. Her sisters husband was not very nice to C.J.He was only nice to Leia. So C.J. moved to Denver to mary John Davis. She hoped her would be a father. He was not, he would drank, he couldn't hold on to his job for very long,and he abused her. So after nine bad years they finally divorced. Her life was torn into peices again. SHe was a hair business owner. One day she stepped out and opened her own business. While her brothers were working at babure shop.She married John Davis in 1994.Her hair products left bald spots. She was poor then she was ritch eve scene she opened her own business.C.J. and Laila stuck their hands in boiling hot water and they earned fifty cents each day. Leila grew up being a lovely teenager.By the time taht she died she had 3 husbands and divorved then alll she was 51 when she died.

What did she do?

C.J. opened a business in the 1900ś. She gave money to African Americans who needed it and she was working for 50 cents a day. She also was a washerwoman in Saint Louis. The African Americans let her make some of her hair products and they would help her too. Leila would help her mom with washing clothes too. C.J. also raised money to help others. She went to church because she believed. She helped women improve their hair.Her hair was called Wonderful Hair Grower. She helped train women to become business owners for hair products. Her business grew fast because the company earned $3,672 in 1907.

Impact on the world.

C.J.s sister's husband,Louvenia,expected C.J. to find a job at the age of ten years old.She was the first African American to become a business owner and a self made millionaire. She is known as an inventor and a leader for African Americans and a business owner's. Her impact on the world was she helped colored women to become business owners.