The Life of Jacob Stone

in a nutshell

My Childhood (I moved around a lot)

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas on September 22nd, 2000. I lived in Dallas as an infant and moved to Pine Tree as a toddler. I moved to Gladewater when I was five and spent my first semester of kindergarten. Then, I moved to Kilgore, where I spent the remainder of my childhood.

My Household and Siblings

As of right now, I live with my little brother, Jack Stone, my mother, Lorri Parker, and my stepfather, Ronnie Parker. Every other weekend, my brother and I stay at my father, Jeremy Stone's house. I have many more siblings, but they are only half. My older brother, Dylan Stone, my older brother, Colton Hicks, my older sister, Karissa Hicks, and my older sister, Brittany Hicks.


I love playing the bass in my school orchestra, as well as playing the electric bass in bands, such as the worship group at my church, or just playing around with one of my friends. My dad and I usually play as a guitar/bass combination to songs we both like.


I like my share of dramatic television series, but my favorite genre across all boards is comedy. i love anything and anyone who can give me a good laugh. Generally, a good sense of humor is my favorite character trait. I love sharing a good joke with one of my friends.


I absolutely love music. I like certain bands more than just a genre. I do like metal, but I am very selective about it. I listen to Demon Hunter, All That Remains, Mumford & Sons, and occasionally some Coldplay.


I am currently an advanced placement honor student and attend K.I.S.D. I hope to someday attend many colleges that provide necessary training and education for the career I plan to pursue.

Future and Career Plans

I am pursuing the career of an astronaut, and later, a pilot. I don't know whether I will be a private jet pilot, a commercial airplane pilot, or both. I will invest in the stock market, and try to stay near to home.