Dwarf Planets

By: Morgan Miles

Whats the differences between dwarf planets and planets?

Planets orbit around a star, it also has enough mass spherical in its shape. Dwarf planets must have enough mass for it to be spherical in shape, It cannot be a moon.
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What's a dwarf planet

Dwarf planets are planets that are smaller than larger planets and metors they also dont have gravitational power to scatter objects that are by to orbit around so they end up orbiting the sun. Dwarf planets have no life.

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Why is it called dwarf planet?

Greek astronomers came up with the word "dwarf" to symbolize the meaning of small and light weight. Dwarf planets are small planet that are lacking on certain things that are required for it to be called a planet.

Most recognized dwarf planets

There are possibly more than 50 dwarf planets out in our solar system but theses are the most well known dwarf planets, Eris found in 2003, Pluto found in 1930, Haumea found in 2003, Makemakefound in 2005 and Ceres found in 1801. Pluto has the most moons. Eris has 1, Pluto has 5, Haumea has 2 and Makemake and Ceres have 0.
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