Realizing My Powers

By: Tre'sor Foster

1. Lettering in track in 6th grade

Lettering in track when I was in 6th grade represents my success as an individual. In 6th grade I was just starting middle school and didn't know a lot of people. After track season was over I knew more people than I did before I did track, and I got to make connections with people I still see to this day. Doing track also taught me that I can do anything. Practices were hard and many times I wanted to quit, but I didn't and I became a stronger person because of it.

2. Leadership Award in Debate (7th grade)

A success of mine as a community member came when I received the leadership award for debate in 7th grade. 7th grade was my first year of doing debate and I instantly took up a liking for it. It challenged me mentally and forced me to speak my mind.

3. Placing 2nd in the district for duo interpretation (8th grade)

Placing 2nd in the district for Duo Interpretation in 8th grade for my forensics team was a very meaningful success for me. This in part because I achieved this success with a good friend of mine. It was our first time doing Duo Interpretation but we practiced all the time and had a really good relationship, which are key things with Duo, and we did well.

4. Finally getting my open turns

The time I finally got my open turns was extremely meaningful to me because I practiced and practiced constantly.

5. Receiving 4's on my AP exams (10th grade)

One of my successes as a learner came about this summer when I received my AP exam results. I was extremely nervous because I felt I did just ok on my exams, so when I saw that I received not only a 4 on one but both of my exams I was flabbergasted!