Tech Tuesday

Tools and Techniques to Make your Life Run More Smoothly


So this has transformed my teaching.

This program allows you to "mirror" everything that you see on your iPad or iPhone through your computer and then onto your projector. This allows you to:

  • Make your device into a wireless document camera (use your iPad's camera or Stage)
  • Use Keynote, Powerpoint, or another app to stream needed supplies and names of people you need to see for Daily 5 from anywhere in the room.
  • Take classroom notes using Notability

Here's how to get this running:

  1. Download the free 7 day trial of Mirroring360 by clicking HERE.
  2. Flick "up" from the bottom of your device's screen.
  3. Click on the classroom.
  4. Click "mirroring"

I don't Know What you Want....

....but chances are this website might. has great tools to narrow down the search for THE best app or website for your class by grade level, age, and price. Check it out!

Control your school PC from Your iPad

Have you ever wanted to control your computer screen from anywhere in the classroom using your iPad? Purchase this $5.00 app from the App store and download the software on your PC (1. Follow the prompts. 2. Create an account 3. Ask me questions if you have any problems.)

Now I'm pretty sure this will work on your iPad and computer. I've only been testing it out for a few days but it seems to work out pretty well.

Great for:

  • Flipping through your REACH book pages
  • Controlling a Powerpoint on your PC's Desktop
  • Using the Everyday Mathematics Tool Kit to take notes

Paper + Any Device = Plickers!

Now that you have an idea of what Plickers is all about, here are the essentials you need to get the ball rollin':

-Free student paper cards

-Sign-up for a free account

-Download this app on any mobile device (Apple or Android)

Aging Booth App

Great app for the "first 100 days."