Humber college:Electrician

Construction & maintence apprentship

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We are Humber!!!


  • Grade 10 ontario secondary school
  • Grade 10 english(applied or academic)
  • Grade 10 Math (applied or academic)
  • A solid background in science

The skills you need to become a electrician

  • Good communication and reading skills.
  • An aptitude for mathematics.
  • Mechanical ability, strength and manual dexterity.
  • The ability to distinguish colours to work with colour-coded wiring.
  • The ability to plan and organize.The ability to work at heights.
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Scholarship & Bursaries

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage students with learning disabilities to pursue a program of study at a Canadian public college, private college or undergraduate university program. To encourage Canadians with learning disabilities to pursue an apprenticeship or occupational training programs for a career in the trades area. The Donald Cummings Apprenticeship and Industry Training Scholarship for Students with Learning Disabilities is designed to recognize trainees with a learning disability in a trade, or in a designated occupation.

Resources or support that are available to LD students and the contact information

North Campus, Orangeville Campus and The Centre for Trades & Technology (Carrier Dr.)

Room - B112, North
Phone - (416) 675-5090
Fax - (416) 675-6219


Mailing Address:

Disability Services
205 Humber College Boulevard
Toronto ON, M9W 5L7


This is the best choice for because I work better hands on and learning one on one with someone. I am also good and math and physics. I enjoy working with my hands instead of working in an office. My needs are to get better and english, not to be afraid of heights and believe in myself that I can do it. I met my requirements by taking grade 12 math, grade 12 physics and Grade 12 english all college level. That is what you need for becoming on electrician.