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What Is Civil Engineering?

Most people can understand what is engineer do for the most part. They can see that engineering is the practical application of chemistry, physics, and math. A mechanical engineer works with work, energy, and movement, an electrical engineer deal with energy and circuits, and a materials science engineer deal with the chemistry of how different materials interact. So what this leaves us with is civil engineering. Most have a vague idea that civil engineers design roads and bridges and other infrastructure elements, but do not know much beyond that. If you ever had a wonder of exactly a civil engineer does, read on to find out.

What it is

To know what is civil engineering, we must first know what it is not, or rather, how it is distinguished from other engineering disciplines. It is the ancient of the different disciplines besides military engineering, which it was split away from. It works with designing, building, and maintaining natural and man made structures such as roads, buildings, bridges, canals, dams, and so on. It is generally divided into subgroups of structural, environmental, materials, water resources, Geotechnical, coastal, construction, surveying, and urban sub categories.

As you can see, civil engineering encompasses a big portion of the things that modern society accomplishes every day. Every time you run over a bridge, use water from your tap, drive on a highway, go to work in a skyscraper, or any other innumerable things in our modern world, you are adding your faith in the capabilities of a civil engineer. They used simple landscaping ideas to make a splendid building.