BattleField 4 Screenshots

Battlefield 4 Online Gameplay Screenshots

Battlefield 4 Gameplay!

It's finally here! What we have all been eagerly waiting to see, a peek into the new BF4 game. Not only do we have these new bf4 screenshots for you guys but we have a little surprise for you at the end! So but on your seat belts, and step on the gas because your in for an exciting bf4 experience!

How awesome are these shots! I know most of you probably can't wait to get your hands on the new Battlefield game, and some of you might be wondering about that last image of the battlefield 4 crack! Well that's our surprise to you. We closely work with some of the developers that have gotten their hands on the leaked battlefield game. This version is currently working 100% and even the multiplayer online works! Where do you think those bf4 screenshots came from?!?! Well I hope you guys enjoy the crack!
Here is the download link: Download Battlefield 4

And for anyone who might think this is some kind of virus here is the virus scan so you know it's a clean crack:

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