From Cows to Ice Cream

By: Amna Khan


Ice cream is a cool and yummy treat! You can eat it on hot days and even a little bit windy days. It can keep you cool but sometimes you can get sick. Read on to learn more about Ice cream!


Ice cream comes from milk, they use a machine to milk the cows, they take big tanks and ship them to the factory.


When the trucks arrive at the factory,the milk and cream are pumped into flour 6,000 gallon storage silos and kept cool at 36 degrees until we're ready to convert them into ben and jerry's Ice cream and yogurt. A mixture of dairy products, eggs, and flavorings was poured into a pot and beaten while, simultaneously, the pot was shaken up and down in a pan of salt and ice.


Fussel made an abundance of Ice cream and sold it as a discount. Each package of Ice cream must contain at least 10% of butter fat.

Fun Facts

You get to eat your Ice cream when it's on hot summer days. Sometimes you might get sick. People in the United States eat more Ice cream than any other country!


Now that you know how Ice cream made, you can find some cool & yummy treats in stores and fresh markets. Enjoy your cool & yummy treat!
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