Invisibility RPT

By: Lena Ciardi A4

What does it mean to be invisible? How can you raise awareness about invisible populations?

To be invisible means to feel like you're just another speck of dust in the world and no one cares or stops to think about you or care for you.

I’m the one with the problem here, not you. But guys, do you get what I mean? I mean like this isn’t just some phenomenon. And it’s not like I’ve got chickenpox or the flu or something. This is completely... different, and it’s happening to me, and it means that I can’t do anything like I did it yesterday. So that’s why I’m saying... what do I do?” Page 9 Things Not Seen by: Andrew Clements

This shows that the main character (Bobby) is trying to get his parents to realize that this problem of him being literally invisible is not just some mishap, it’s actually happening and he won’t get better if they don’t realize that you can’t just run away and play with this problem. To be invisible means that people just pass you by (or your problem by) without notice and special recognition to take time and help you, just like how Bobby feels.

Alicia (a blind girl) tells Bobby (who is literally invisible) that since the day she got blind her parents are treating her situation like something that just happens like Bobby’s parents. For the rest of her life she has to live in this “bubble” and be super safe or else something bad will happen. She feels as if her parents are making her be the number one super attention needed child and not seeing that she is still growing up even though she is blind and has a life.Things Not Seen by: Andrew Clements

Bobby and Alicia both relate with both of their parents and problems and feel that their own lives and feeling are “invisible”. Them feeling invisible is actually being made by their own parents, yet they don’t realize it. Their parents are neglecting the fact that since this big problem popped up they are suddenly incapable of living their own lives and continue growing up, like a normal kid. They are making them feel as if they are in the way of their parents lives and they need attention 24/7. Their feeling of invisibility

“As we drove away, I felt a lump in my throat. I turned around and looked at our little shack for the last time.” “Mamá asked the camp foreman if he needed anymore workers. ‘We don’t need no more,’ said the foreman, scratching his head.”Page 68

The Circuit by: Francisco Jiménez

This part of the article “The Circuit” shows that people are pretty much completely in the invisible population and other people don’t even care. People that aren’t in the invisible population and aren’t in their situation can’t feel that feeling of utter loss and hopelessness and the feeling that no one cares. They are so invisible they are actually sad to leave their “little shack” which is pretty much in the worst conditions. This family is going to have a really, really, really hard time living if they don’t get a job and this guy isn’t even giving enthusiasm or even trying to give any sympathy for them. To be invisible is the feeling of so much hope for such hard work like farming in some cases but have none. Invisibility is feeling hope for something so little that a non-invisible person would complain so much about if they had been in that situation.

“When we got there, Mamá walked up to the house. She went through a white gate, past a row of rose bushes, up the stairs to the front door. She rang the doorbell. The porch light went on and a tall husky man came out. They exchange a few words. After the man went in, Mamá clasped her hands and hurried back to car. ‘We have work! Mr. Sullivan said we can stay there the whole season,’ she said, gasping and pointing to an old garage near the stables. The garage was worn out by the years. It had no windows. The walls, eaten by termites, strained to support the roof full of holes. The dirt floor, populated by earthworms, looked like a gray road map. That night lit by a kerosene lamp.”Page 68

The Circuit by: Francisco Jiménez

This excerpt of the article “the Circuit” explains how the mom and the family were looking for work and when they finally got some they were so excited even though it wasn’t much. The description of the house and walkway was elaborated to show how much one person could have while others have absolutely nothing. The mom was so excited that they got to farm and have shelter even though the farming was in the worst conditions, they most likely didn’t have good safe water and the shelter was pretty much going to collapse any second. The shack had no plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or even a stable roof and walls that weren’t whether beaten and eaten up about 99% of it. It’s surprising how invisible people feel to the worst conditions compared to a “rich” person or even “middle class” people.

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"Sometimes the Heart Sees What Is Invisible to the Eye." Iliketoquote. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2015.

This image represents that when you look at someone and don’t care then you will just pass by them and not help because you see them but not their feelings. You wouldn’t bother helping for whatever reason, because of their appearance, your feelings about them, what you’ve heard or think, or you just don’t care. If you are running late then you just take a quick glance at them and then pass on without a care instead of taking time to do something. If you really care about them then you can see their situation and how bad it is for them. When you actually care then you can see how rough times are and how it gets to them and you would want to do something when you see the sympathy they need.