Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - Dec 21

Happy Holidays!

I wish you and your families a restful holiday season. No matter if you are staying home or traveling great distances, I look forward to us being back together in 2019. Thank you for the many ways you make every day of the school year "merry and bright" for our students. Here is a link to a small token of my appreciation.


Weather Report

Forecast for Christmas day in:

South Milwaukee ... 36

South Padre Island ... 74

South Beach, FL ... 76

Southey, Saskatchewan ... 12

South Pole ... -9

Seoul, South Korea ... 39

Bol, South Sudan ... 100

Wherever you are going, have fun!


Our bookroom is undergoing major construction right now. The old room is getting cleaned out and the new resources are arriving. But this process is going to take us a few weeks to complete. We have books coming from three different places (Benchmark, Pioneer Valley, and Scholastic) which all need to be sorted by level and labeled appropriately. Our plan remains to have the book room open for use following our January 28th PD day. Until then, the bookroom is closed - please do not use. If you currently have resources in your room from the bookroom, please return them to Rachel's room when finished so we can put them in the correct spot for the new and improved book room. This is going to a great resource for us when complete, but we are going to need about a month of patience as we transition. Although this work would ideally have happened in Summer, please remember that our book room was in immediate need of help, so I think the delay is worthwhile. Many thanks to Rachel, Jeff, Janice, Jen, Kristin D, and Rachel's mom. We will probably need more help after break - so far 2,796 new books have arrived and we still have more coming.

Looking Ahead

December 22 - January 2

Winter break

The building is closed during Winter break.

Please be sure you follow the shutdown guidelines in the email from Mr. McCarty.

We get checked on our energy efficiency every Friday evening and every break.

Thursday, January 3

First day back after Winter break

MAP Testing window is open January 3rd through the 24th.

Brightbytes/Clarity survey is open until January 8th.

PALS testing grades - please be sure to touch base with Janice

Wednesday, January 9

Staff meeting 7:15 a.m. - Learning targets, part 2

Thursday, January 10

PTO meeting 7-8 p.m.

Structural Items

Family newsletter - Here is a link to this week's family newsletter.

There will NOT be a family newsletter on January 4th.

Elementary Blackout Dates - Here is a link to the calendar

Articles catching my attention

A few extra minutes over break? Here are a few articles that caught my eye:

10 Essentials for Becoming a More Effective Teacher

Usually, I wouldn't read articles with titles like this, but this one is by Regie Routman, a recognized literacy expert.

Visible Learning

Ok, you've heard the name John Hattie many times in recent years (and certainly in recent months). If you haven't taken the time to look more closely at the Visible Learning research, take time over the holidays. John Hattie's mantra is "Know Thy Impact". Part of knowing our impact is knowing that some strategies work more effectively than others. His list of effect sizes helps us prioritize how we spend our time with students for impact.

Jazz, Basketball, and Teacher Decision Making

An article that highlights just how many decisions a teacher makes per hour, much like pro basketball players during a game or jazz musicians improvising.

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

No specific character dare for the two days after break. Re-build relationships with students and set goals for the new year!