Wii would like U to play.

The history of Nintendo's start...

In Kyoto, Japan, Nintendo was created by Fusajiro Yamauchi in 1889. In that time, he made playing cards because he noticed a gap in the market for “western style” playing cards. Or paper playing cards, which were costly imports at the time. Yamauchi used the bark of Mulberry trees with red and black ink to create the playing cards. And a year later, he turned the cards into the start of Nintendo.


Nintendo was a small card publisher in 1889, but the years after that were meant for prosper. Decades after Yamauchi retired and gave the company to his son in-law, Sekiryo Kaneda Yamauchi in 1929.Later the company was passed down to Fusajiro’s grandson, Hiroshi Yamauchi.Which then, he sided with Walt Disney to create TV networks, Taxi companies, and a food company that included Popeye noodles and Disney food seasonings! In 1963, Hiroshi changed the company’s name to Nintendo co., Ltd.

Later Hiroshi left Walt Disney to create new technologies such as the Ultra hand. It was an extendable “arm” with a claw on it. The Ultra hand was one of the first toys that Nintendo produced. Next Hiroshi decided to go into the gaming market with a small LCD (liquid crystal display) gaming system. LCD is the exact same technology to make the numbers appear on calculators. It was called the Game and Watch. Now days the Wii U and Wii have been over the top in entertainment! Plus the two systems have games that can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection so players can connect all over earth! At least it got more interactive over the years compared to a card game.


As the years went on from the the cards, people around the world have been putting more time (and money) into games and accessories from Nintendo. And because of this, people tend to stop working altogether just to play the video game. Even with all of the money put into Nintendo, they don’t even bother to donate to charities! Only to cause more corrupt lives with new games and accessories from Nintendo. Of course they need some profit to pay the workers, but can’t they use the rest for things in need!?