Useful Apps for Education

Apps that are beneficial for studying

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, is an app that can be useful to many students as it provides helpful videos for concepts covered in class. It can be used as a good study tool for many students! Below is an example of a video created by Khan Academy based on evolution and natural selection. These videos can work as a great review source, and also a great way to enhance studying for students!
Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection


Evernote, is a free tool that can be useful for taking notes, presenting ideas and collecting all types of information.

It can be used as both and website or an app. Evernote can be useful in the K-12 setting because it allows for a large variety of tasks, and can help students in organizing their notes and their classes. Evernote, also allows for all notes to be shared with multiple devices, for example the notes you take on your phone can also be accessed through your laptop and vice versa. Below is a video showing many opportunities that we can use Evernote for!

What is Evernote? (Animated Infographic)


This is a great educational tool! Especially for high school students, it allows students to create flashcards and quizzes which is great for memorization and promotes lots of practice! StudyBlue can be a very essential tool for studying, it allows teachers to create flashcards for students, or students can create their own. This app can be a huge help for students that struggle with memorizing definitions and concepts! Also a great feature of this tool is that it is free!


Duolingo is a great app for anyone wanting to learn a new language! This app is offered both on iTunes and in the Google Play store. It is a free app that makes learning a new language easy, it would be a great study tool for students who are taking second languages or for students looking to take on a new language! Below is a video briefly explaining how easy it is to learn new languages with Duolingo!
Duolingo Intro


This a great free app for studying. It can be very useful because students and teachers can create flashcards, which can be turned into games as well as quizzes. Quizlet can be a very useful tool for students who struggle with memorization and mastery learning! Using games to help memorize will encourage students to study more and will make studying enjoyable!
Android Developer Story: Quizlet


SimpleMind is a fantastic app that can be used for creating graphic organizers and mind maps! This can be useful for all ages as it is a great way to create study tools and provides great visuals for many different learner types, using mind maps and graphic organizers are great ways to organize concepts and make studying easier! Below is a sample of how SimpleMind can be a great way to organize ideas!
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