What it is and how to avoid it

What is Fraud?

Fraud is using the internet to take advantage of people to steal from them. For example, personal information and money.

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What does fraud "look" like?

People scam others mainly using stories through email. An email could read, "Hey, my friend needs 1000 dollars to invest in a company that's going to go huge. Could you lend it to him? When he gets his money back he'll give you half of his earnings." This person is trying to steal your money and get away with it by using a phony story that is obviously made up.

They will also sell something on an internet auction, take your money and never give you the product they were supposedly selling. You might not be able to tell if the product is real or not so use a trustable auction that is well known.

How to avoid fraud

1) Use reputable sights. If you or any of your friends heard of a auction sight, it probably isn't a real sight.

2) Learn as much about internet sellers as you can to make sure they are trustworthy and will give you the product you purchased.

3) Never give out your credit card number on a sight that isn't secure.

4) Never give out personal information in an email.

5) Don't believe huge flashy websites. They can be easily set up to trick people.

6) Most people that ask for money promising a huge amount back aren't going to give you anything back. Don't give them anything

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