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Friday, April 29, 2016


Friday, April 29 - Multi-Cultural Pot Luck Dinner

Wednesday, May 4 - Q&A With the Principal/ Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, May 5 - Mural Dedication 8:00

Change Wars Reward - 12:15- Mrs. Foehr's Class

Friday, May 6 - Play 60 Trip to Eagles Complex

Sunday, May 8 - Happy Mother's Day

Slackwood Day at Trenton Thunder

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The Year Is Winding Down

As we move into the last 35 days of school it is important that we don't look forward to school ending but that we appreciate each and every day of learning we have left. Please emphasize to your children that this is important learning time and that each day counts the same as the first day of school or the day before a test. School is 181 days for a reason and the first day is as important as the last. For our part.... We will do our best to find more and better ways to engage your children and create experiences that they will remember forever. Learning can be fun and we will do our best to keep them excited to be here.

Did You Know.....

Each week I try to call out one thing about our school or staff that parents and students may not know...

This year, the PTO will be having a picnic on June 4 along with an auction. Get ready for the fun!

Change to the lunch menu

Beginning Monday, May 2, 2016, the cafeteria will be combining yogurt and bagel as one entrée. On the May menu you received in your mailbox today, you will see under Maschio Alternate Meals the first one listed is now


Multicultural Dinner Tonight

Slackwood and our PTO will be sponsoring our annual multicultural dinner on Friday, April 28 from 6:30-8 PM in our All Purpose Room. The dinner is Pot Luck, so bring something from your homeland. Flyers went home last week, but if you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 671-5581
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Fuel Up To Play 60 Touchdown Celebration

Thanks to Mrs. Jerez, Slackwood school will be represented at the Fuel Up To Play 60 Touchdown Celebration at the NovaCare Complex in Philadelphia, where the Eagles practice. Students participated in a contest to show how they eat healthy, exercise and live healthy lives. We had many entries that were all wonderful. We have 15 students who will represent Slackwood at this event. They are:

Aimee Clark, Marcelo Tajiboy, Tammy Chou, Marcus Bethea

Diana Sak, Bobby Jerez, Shane Mitchell, Sri Varshini Ganesh Mohan

Kevin Dziewa, Rhidima Pandey, Brianna Screws, Carlos Gonzalez

Rhiddi Patel, Olivia Kaczynska, Vlado Nikolov

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Unveiling of “Project Ocean” May 5, 2016.

We will be having the mural dedication next Thursday, May 5 at 8 AM. Join us!

Slackwood Elementary School in Lawrence Township, New Jersey is proud to announce an outdoor bottle cap mosaic mural, displayed on the wall of the Slackwood School Kindergarten building at 2060 Princeton Pike, Lawrenceville New Jersey. The mural, entitled “Project Ocean”, has been made possible by a partnership with Home Depot of Ewing and the Slackwood Parent Teacher Organization.

This project concept was the idea of art teacher, Jill Lee You and speech therapist, Jill Schulman. The goal of this project was to enhance student awareness of harmful bottle caps in our oceans and the importance of recycling. Lee-You and Schulman worked with over 280 children from Slackwood Elementary School, from pre-k to 3rd grade, to create this bottle cap mural. Parents, families, and local community members collected bottle caps for over a year. All students participated in the creation of the mural, from drawing and painting to sorting the caps and finally learning how to use an electric drill to screw in the bottle caps.

The students learned about how they can create change. They learned the importance of reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact in our community. Recycling is something simple and easy that every adult and child can participate in within their communities, and globally, to help make a difference. Hopefully this project has empowered our young students to understand that their efforts can create change.

On May 5th, 2016 the unveiling of the mural will take place along with a presentation. A heartfelt thank you is owed to each of our talented student artists who participated in the creation of this project as well as our amazing Lawrenceville community that helped to recycle thousands of bottle caps. You have helped teach our future generation how they can continue to help our earth become a clean and beautiful place to live.

Bike Helmet Program for 3rd grade and PreK

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Trauma Center sponsors a bike safety program each year. Their staff comes to our school and talks to our students about bike safety and 3rd graders and Pre schoolers got the opportunity to receive free bike helmets.

Third Graders Rock the PARCC

Slackwood 3rd graders have successfully completed the PARCC Testing this year.We are done with make-up testing.

We are very lucky to have Mrs. Seaman who has made the PARCC experience palatable for our students and staff. Her knowledge and thorough planning of the schedule and make up testing have made it work the last couple weeks.

News April 29, 2016

Healthy Birthday Treats

I have to say it just one more time...Please try to follow district health guidelines when sending in treats for your children. Guidelines say that we can not serve items where sugar is the first ingredient.

Each teacher celebrates birthdays differently and it's not our job to even celebrate but we try to acknowledge birthdays. I'm still seeing those store bought cupcakes with piled high icing coming in for student birthdays. We spend a lot of time teaching our students about healthy living practices and it is hard when we don't model these practices by giving them healthy snacks. Let's try to do better! Thank you!

Help us out with our STEM initiative!

Slackwood Represents and Celebrates

Each year Slackwood School participates in the township Memorial Day Parade. This year, the Township is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm. If you are a Slackwoodian parent, grandparent or family member, we and the Township would like to recognize you during the parade. Please contact me at and we will make you part of this celebration.

Missing something? Check out the Lost and Found!

Each day I walk by the Lost and Found, which is directly across from the library and I wonder, "How could someone not know that they are missing a winter jacket?" Do you wonder that too? If you are missing clothing, including gloves, hats, sweatshirts, gloves, etc. make sure that you check out the Lost and Found.

One way to avoid having things fall into the abyss is to make sure you write your child's name on clothing items. If there is a name on it, we'll be sure to get it back to them. Put it on the inside tag or collar. Anywhere we can find it will be helpful.

Slackwood Elementary School

Slackwood is the oldest school in the Lawrence Township Public Schools. We provide education for students in grades PreK through third grade.