Adaptations, instinct, and prey

Manatee Adaptations

Adaptations enable a manatee to conserve oxygen while under water. Manatees, like other marine mammals, have a slower heart rate while diving. In contrast to whales and dolphins, manatees are not deep-diving marine mammals.

Manatee Instincts

To swim, produce milk for their young, breathe, and eat.
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Manatee Prey and Predators

Manatees are very gentle creatures and prey only on plants (watch out head of lettuce!).

Due to their gentle nature they do not have any natural predators even though they share the same habitat with sharks and alligators.

Although they do not occur naturally, as they do not share the same habitat, humans are the biggest predator for manatees and are causing many injuries and fatalities. Humans account for almost 39% of manatee deaths, where the cause of death is known. This includes deaths from watercraft, locks/canals, and other human related sources, such as discarded fishing line.

Manatees VS Boats