Why we Should Protect the Forest

For a good cause

Reasons to protect the forest

We use forests for so many things. We use it to make lumber to make house and shelter and with out forests are oxygen would not be as clean.we also use the forest for paper paper is used to record thing by hand and for learning (books).The forest prevents erosion which makes it safer for us. we also us the forest for are childrens recreation and some trees have a food source that we could need in the future.

Endangerd species and animals who call the forest there home

Burrowing owl is an endangerd animal in our forest if we dont protect that owl it might go extinct

along with the white tailed deer,mouse,grey wolf,brown bears and more. we would lose a whloe food chain and it would mess every thing in alberta.

animals that live in our forest

we will protect the forest

if you have any questions on are website

we are natures freind