SMS Weekly Newsletter

Monday, September 4th, 2023

News and Notes

Happy Labor Day!

It was so great to meet so many of you last week! I know this is going to be a fabulous year!!

Tomorrow is our first day of school for our 1st graders through 8th graders!

The first day of schools for the other grades are:

  • Kindergarten- Wednesday, September 6th
  • PK3 and PK4- Monday, September 11th

As you know this week, we are having a heat wave. Please make sure that your child has water with them (the refillable water bottles are great). Luckily, we will have a cooling trend beginning Friday and the weather will be in the 70s starting the 11th.

You will receive many forms tomorrow, including: technology use, photograph permission, handbook signature form, textbook form and others. All these forms are extremely important. Please make sure you send those back as soon as possible!

Have a fabulous day,

Ms. Kazan

Parent Student Handbook

I have attached the parent student handbook below. Please make sure you read it thoroughly as it has been updated. Please make special note to the uniform guidelines, as we are tightening those up this year. Tomorrow, you will receive a signature page that you will need to sign indicating that you have read it.

Uniform Code

Students are to wear the school uniform daily. The teacher is required to enforce the dress code.

All uniforms are to be from Flynn and O'Hara:

Boys Grades K – 8: (Summer Uniform)
  • Khaki shorts – no cuff
  • White sports sock – no decoration
  • Green polo shirt with St. Michael’s logo
  • Uniform Trouser - Khaki
  • White sneaker (mostly white) No high tops
  • Belt - black, brown
  • School uniform Shirts must be tucked in

Boys Grades K-8: (Winter Uniform)

  • Green polo (long or short sleeve) with a logo
  • Uniform trouser – Khaki
  • Shoes black dress shoes – no sneakers
  • St. Michael’s Green Sweater or Fleece
  • Belt - black, brown

Girls: Grades K – 8 (Summer Uniform)

  • Khaki shorts – no cuff
  • White sports sock – no decoration
  • Green polo shirt with St. Michael’s logo
  • Uniform shorts - Khaki
  • White sneaker (or mostly white) No high tops
  • Belt - black, brown
  • School uniform Shirts must be tucked in
  • Uniform kilt or jumper may be worn at any time – they should be no shorter than 2” above the knee

Girls: Grades K – 4 (Winter Uniform)

  • Uniform jumper
  • Khaki uniform slacks
  • Green tights- No leggings or knee socks
  • Shoes – black
  • (heels no higher than 1 inch)
  • No sneakers
  • St. Michael’s Green Sweater or Fleece

Grade Gr 6-8 (Winter Uniform)

  • Uniform kilt
  • Uniform jumpers and kilts should be no shorter than 2” above the knee
  • Khaki uniform slacks
  • Green tights - No leggings

·Gym Uniforms:

  • All students must have a regulation physical education uniform
  • SMS shorts (Summer uniform only)/ SMS sweat pants
  • SMS Yellow T-Shirt
  • Sneakers
  • sports sock
  • Gym Uniforms can be purchased at Flynn and O'Hara.


  • Only uniform store (Flynn & O’Hara) school head bands are permitted or small, plain headbands, barrettes or clips. NO big bows, Cheerleading style bows or headbands with ears or horns are permitted
  • All students are expected to present a clean, neat appearance
  • Only one, small post earring per ear for girls(no hoops or dangling earrings) is permitted
  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings
  • Students in Grade 3-8 may wear a watch (No SMART or Apple Watches)
  • Only one necklace allowed
  • No makeup, colored nail polish or tips are permitted
  • No boots, clogs or work boots are permitted
  • Fad hair styles are not permitted
  • All trousers must fit at the waist and have a belt that fits
  • Boys hair should not touch collar or go over eyes

Parents will be notified if the student is not adhering to the dress code. This initial contact enables the parent to review the dress code with the student and correct the situation. Should the unacceptable practice continue, additional action will be taken. Full parental cooperation is expected. If for any reason a student is out of uniform, he/she must submit a letter of explanation to the homeroom teacher. IF a student is given three warnings, they will have a detention.

Students are not permitted to wear any jackets, sweaters other than the official St. Michael sweater.

Beginning of Year Reminders!

School Arrival

  • School doors open at 7:45. Children will enter the building through the cafeteria door. Teachers will be in the gym to greet the children. Parents may not enter the cafeteria. If you arrive before 7:45, you must utilize before care, as there are no teachers on duty in the cafeteria. The doors close promptly at 8 and your child will be considered late if they arrive after 8. If your child is late, they must be walked to the main door. Late children may not enter through the cafeteria.
  • Parking Lot- enter on Orange Ave. You may utilize the drop off lane or park and walk your child to the door. Adults must walk children to the door if they park. Parking is not permitted between the red lines.

Before Care

  • Before Care begins at 7am. please walk your child to the main door and wait with your child until the door is buzzed open. Before Care begins on September 11th.

After School

  • After care is from 2:30-6:00. Registration packets will be sent out the first day of school. Aftercare begins on Monday, September 11th. Please provide a snack for your child. When you come to pick up your child from aftercare, you must first sign your child out in the main office.

Upcoming Dates

Please make sure to regularly check the school calendar located on the updated school website. You can also subscribe to it there as well. I will always keep the website calendar up to date.

September 5th- First day of school for grades 1st-8th, Full Day

September 6th- First day of school for grades kindergarten, Full day

September 11th- First day of school for Prek/ First day of before and after care

September 14th- HSA Meeting- Zoom 6pm

September 29th- Back to School Foam Party

September 30th- St. Michael Feast

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