Similarities And Differences Of

Apple Itunes Store And Google Play

Areas Of Focus Within The Stores

Both of the stores tend to focus on all of the same material. Both of the stores try and sell you there music, movies, games, and even devices.

Pricing Of Apps:

Apples hot new apps are generally around 0.99$ to 2.99$ as where googles apps are ranged from 0.99$-5.99$.

Layout Of The Stores

Steps to Publishing An App To Google Play:

1. Understand The Publishing Process
2. Understand Google Plays Policies and Agreements
3. Test For Core App Quality
4. Determine Your Apps Content Rating
5. Determine Country Distrabution
6. Confirm The Apps Overall Size
7. Confirm The Apps Platform and Screen Compatibility Ranges
8. Decide If Your App Will Be Free Or Priced
9. Consider Using In-App Billing
10. Set Prices For Your Products
11. Start Localization
12. Prepare Promotional Graphics, Screenshots, and Videos
13. Build and Upload The Release-Ready APK
14. Complete The Apps Product Details
15. Use Google Play Badges and Links In Your Promotional Campaigns
16. Final Checks and Publishing
17. Support Users After Launch

Number Of Apps and Thier Quality

Google and Apple iTunes store are at a tie with a total number of 700,000 apps. The quality of the apps determine on how new the device you are trying to use them are. Newer devices tend to work better and run apps a little smother as were older devices have been known to crash the app.