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January Mid-Month Memo: Back to the Basics

Hello lovely stylists!

It's already mid-way through January - what? Where has the month gone? I know I appreciated having a little down time to catch my breath after the holiday rush, but now it's time to get back to business and back to the basics!

Your focus this week is on BOOKING SHOWS! Stella & Dot has a booking system that WORKS if we FOLLOW it! Make list - warm up - follow up! It's that SIMPLE if we DO IT! #2242 #dontoverthink

1. Make your list of potential hostesses. If you are a brand new stylist, write down every woman you know. Even if they aren't interested in being a hostess for you, chances are they know someone who is AND you can invite them to your double dip show. If you are a seasoned stylist, go back to this time last year to see who hosted for you, and go back through your last few trunk shows and/or customer orders to make your list. Think BIG! I bet you can come up with at least 100 to contact if you dig in and think of all the women in your life! #whodoyouknow

2. Warm up. Use the Words to Say (find them in the Lounge under Monthly Marketing Materials and make them your own/personalize to that particular person) and send them a quick warm up email like "Hey Jan, I hope you are doing well! Our new collection debuted this week and it's gorgeous! Let's get your girlfriends together for a quick style session so you can earn favorites for free! I'll be in touch." If it's a past hostess, I'll add in something like "We had so much at your show last November. You earned $300 in hostess credit and 4 1/2 offs! Let's do it again so you can update your accessories in time for Spring." Be sure to let the hostess know we have a January Hostess Bonus of an extra $50 in hostess rewards when her show reaches $500 in sales!

3. Follow up. This is the MOST important part of this process and no, text/email/FB message does not count! You have to make personal contact with your potential hostesses whether by phone or in person. Start by making customer care calls to the last 10 customers who purchased from you. Brand new? Call to share how excited YOU are to start your new business with S&D. Don't be scared, share your genuine enthusiasm for the new collection. Your excitement is infectious. #beauthenticnotperfect #justdoit

What not to do?
1. Rely on text/email/FB message alone, You must TALK to you potential hostesses. You will hear NO, NOT NOW or be IGNORED a lot. That's ok. The more NOS you hear the closer you are to a YES!
2. Appear desperate/needy/ask them to do this for YOU! Always come from a place of doesn't matter if you have 0 trunk shows on your calendar (I face this all the time!). You want your hostess to think you are doing this for her (offer, don't ask) and that you have limited availability. Your passion for S&D and your excitement to help her is how you get bookings, not begging to help you. You are a hot commodity and you want your hostesses to want you!
3. Give her all the control! You must control your calendar and offer your available dates. Stop what you are doing RIGHT now and look at your calendar through March and find your available trunk show times. Those are the dates you are going to offer...and be sure to offer within a two week time period. Booking tight is always best because your hostess and her guests know what they are doing a days from now, but not a few weeks from now. In addition, YOU are the professional here (even if you are brand new - you will know more than the hostess does!). You will hostess coach her to invite a LOT, to use our three part invitation system (Red Stamp Save the Date and Reminders, Stella & Dot Invitation System, Mini-lookbooks to hand out) and to remind and follow up after her show. Guide your hostess on what to do...she doesn't know otherwise!

Follow #2242 to make two calls a day, that will lead to two outside orders a week, 4 shows a month and 2 new stylists a month! This is your formula for success!

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Welcome New Stylists!

We are so happy to welcome these ladies to our team:

Nikki Dillard - Nashville, TN sponsored by Kathy Chaney

Paprika Owens-Lloyd - Murfreesboro, TN sponsored by Kathy Chaney

Nakeya Fincher - Lancaster, TX sponsored by Krystal McCarty

Alyssa Erwin - Nashville, TN sponsored by Stephanie West

These smart, savvy ladies took advantage of our January sign-up special to start their own social selling fashion businesses! WHO do YOU know who needs S&D in her life? I challenge you to send yesterday's opportunity webinar to 5 women this weekend - go for it! We need stylists all over the country to style this Spring collection. Share this link with prospective Stylists:

My mission for 2016 is to double the size or our team - we've already grown by 4 in January. Can we grow by at least 4 more? I think we can!

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What is your WHY?

Why do you do what you do? What do you want to accomplish with your Stella & Dot business? My why has always been about FLEXIBILITY and I now also have a big WHAT! Stay tuned as I share more about my WHAT soon.

I'd love to chat with you about your WHY and WHAT and how we can work together for you to accomplish both in 2016.

Thank you for all you do! I can't wait to kick off 2016 with a bang with a huge January!