Role Model: Marilyn Monroe

By: Chrishia Odette


There are millions of people in the world. Some of them are an inspiration, like a famous person. Some of the people we find inspiring aren't famous at all! But there is one famous person that really caught my eye. Her name is Marilyn Monroe. The reason why was because of the way her life was. Specially when she was a little child. In her years as a little girl, she always stayed strong, specially in the darkest and saddest times. She saw the better side of things.

Life Story

Life and Death

Her real name was Norma Jean. Her mother was a film editor. As a child, she was always in different orphanages and with different foster homes because of her mother. Since her mother had lost her sanity, she was often put in mental hospitals or mental institutions. She also had no father, at least when she was born. She once thought that a man with a name of Clark Gable was her father. That thought was stuck in her head for about two years. Then, she finally accepted the fact that Clark Gable was her father, and that she never will have a father by her side to help raise her.

She remarked during an interview that when she was in an orphanage, she was always acting on and off stage. When she was acting on stage, she was a different person in a way. She was no longer a girl with no true family. She used the stage and made that her own little world, her happy place, she made it her world of freedom. So she could escape all of the bad things in life and for her to feel safe, so she could run away from the nightmare that she was living in. It was like a safe haven for her.

She got married to James Dougherty at the age of 16 in the year of 1942. He went off to fight in the military during World War II. Marilyn had to work in a factory day after day. When the war had ended, Marilyn had divorced James. She summed up her marriage in six words. “We barely spoke to each other”

She had died on August 5, 1962. She had died from a drug overdose. Some say that she had many antidepressants since by then, she and her third husband had divorced a week before she died. She must’ve been very sad. She thought she had lost her sanity at some point in her life so once, she had checked herself in a mental institution for a little while. When she had her funeral, the only one of her husbands that showed up was her third husband Arthur Miller.


Even though her childhood was very sad, she always saw the brighter side of things. When she became older, she had a happier life. She was loved and admired by many. She still is. She was an inspiration to people, and remains that way to this day. There are many people that we find inspiring. They are both famous,not famous, dead, and living. But that isn’t the most important thing. The real importance of having someone who inspires you is what they do. What they have accomplished, how their life was like before the fame, what they have done to help people, if they had changed history, their personality, and their strengths, or their hardest time. That is what makes them inspirational. That is why the great Marilyn Monroe has inspired me. Because she was strong when she went through a whole lot in her childhood and still grew up to be a wonderful woman.

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She wrote a song called "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"
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