Ideological Principles

Conservatives believe in upholding strong orthodox beliefs through limited government regulation. People shall thrive through their own will and dedication. The government is not entitled to help people progress since welfare molds citizens into dependent and un self-sustaining individuals who leach off the government's generosity. To protect personal wealth and private ownership taxes are flat across the board for all citizens. You work for what you have and government has no right to interfere with the economically privileged. In order to protect our moral and traditions at home a strong national defense is needed. Conservatism stands behind tradition and is against radical social change that can uproot disorder within the people such as laws permitting abortion and same-sex marriage.

Why Choose Conservatism?

Unlike the other political ideologies conservatism protects your orthodox moral standings without infringing on your rights to protect your own wealth. Liberals disrespect tradition and stand for social reform policies like welfare which do nothing but burden the country. Socialists are too pacifist and not prepared to protect your rights through a national defense. Anarchism will lead to total social disorder and will not be able to uphold your values since their is no one in charge to do so. Libertarianism disrespects the right to execute those who have committed malicious crimes, without the death penalty their is no way to retribute justice back to society.