Megan McDaniel


Element Name: Megnesium

Atomic Mass: 24.305

Symbol: Mm

Discovers: Angela Traver and Beau McDaniel in 2002

Occurance: Large deposits located around fun events as well as isolated places. Extreamly low deposits around anything annoying.

Physical Properties

Surface properties: Medium to dark brown hair curly hair, green/blue eyes, skin color ranges between dark brown and pale brown(soy milk color) depending on the amount of sun exposure.

Boiling Point: Highly ignorant and rude people.

Melting Point: Over exposure to highly stressful situations.

Can cause happiness if exposed to a positive enviroment

Sad when: There is no access to music

Happy when: The schorching Texas sun is hidden behind clouds and the tempeature is 75 and below.

Becomes Stubborn: Never becomes stubborn, stubborness is a natural part of Mm.

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by: Repulsive odors

Is attracted to: Tall ethnic guys

May explode spontaniously when: Someone is compleatly closed minded.

Requires copious amounts of: Music

Is inert when: Awoken early in the morning or late at night in a cold enviroment.

Will repel: Anything resembaling a waterbug or cockroach.

Is impervious to: Unimportant opinions