Weekly Update 11/18 - 12/2

West Elementary's Remote Learning News

Special Alert -- Dismissal Car Tags

In your school materials delivery, expect to see special instructions for arrival and dismissal procedures. Your will have a sheet of instructions, and a "car tag" with a family number in order to expedite the dismissal process when in-person school resumes.

These car tags were packed and ready to go prior to the district's announcement to stay remote until January. PLEASE KEEP THESE TAGS IN A SAFE PLACE, as this will help us run a safe and smooth dismissal with increased traffic on campus.

Even if you are planning on staying remote through the end of the school year, we did include a car tag just in case things change.

Happy Thanksgiving

The West Elementary School staff and faculty would like to wish you a wonderful holiday. In the spirit of the holiday, we would like to say that we are so grateful to work with such wonderful students and families. West Elementary is so much more than a brick and mortar school. It's a family -- dedicated to helping all of us to grow and to be better people. If nothing else, the last few months have required all of us to worry more and to work harder. Please know that we are grateful for all your efforts at home to keep the learning alive.
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Birthday Shout Outs - Happy Birthday!!

November 20

Jayce C. in Mrs. Saab's Room

Graham V. in Mrs. Bojczuk

November 23

Emalee S. in Mrs. Griffin's Room

November 24

Cole H. in Mrs. Pingitore's Room

November 25

Ivy B. in Mrs. Holmes' Room

Aaiden D. in Mrs. Holmes' Room

November 26

James L. in Mrs. Mages' Room

November 27

Simon C. in Mrs. Monaco's Room

Colton U. in Mrs. Martin's Room

November 29

Roni A. in Mrs. Monaco's Room

December 1

Leonardo A. in Mrs. Vanderlip's Room

Noah Z. in Mrs. Avery's Room

Samuel B. in Mrs. Reynolds' Room

Google Meets

A gentle and friendly reminder --

-- The chromebooks microphones and cameras -- see and hear! Please remember to use caution when walking by the camera and talking in the background during a Google Meet.

-- You may see some new features -- raising hands, changing backgrounds and breakout rooms. Students, don't let these things distract you -- remember to stay focused on the learning

Kindergarten Wild "Cubs" -- Get Ready for Your First Days of In--Person Learning

Please take a minute to "walk" through our school with pictures and information about what school might look like.


We can't wait to meet our newest Wildcats! Actually, we call you "cubs" in Kindergarten.

Hybrid/Remote Learning Survey

Please call the office if you have any questions about the Hybrid/Remote Learning Survey and plans for resuming in-person instruction.

Holiday Shop

Every year, West Elementary's PTA sponsors a Holiday Shop to help students get into the spirt of giving. We schedule time for each class to shop the collection of gifts for parents, grandparents, siblings, pets, aunts and uncles. This year we will not be able to physically host this shop. However, PTA has found an alternative --

Please visit -- My Holiday Shop


Farm to School

Check it out....West Elementary has been working with a farm-to-school organization that has helped us great some really cool garden beds outside the Lunchroom! These will be used to grow some things that we might be able to taste in with our cafeteria lunches!

S.O.L.E. Seeds of Living Education


Book Exchange

Come check out books, and visit Mrs. Warren! Make sure you check out books by Tuesday night.

Students can electronically place holds for one books (Kindergarten - 1st) and two books (2nd - 5th) using our West Elementary catalog Destiny Discover. Students can go onto this catalog using the West Elementary Library page. https://www.wscschools.org/domain/515

Happy Reading!

Don't forget to return books in our book bin out front!

Don't Forget -- Mental Health Help!

Ms. Caprio, School Social Worker

Email: ecaprio@wscschools.org

Office Phone: 716.677.3166

Ms. Caprio's Bitmoji Classroom

Google Classroom Code -- ioegckx

Mrs. Cawthard, School Psychologist

Email: ncawthard@wscschools.org

Office Phone: 716.677.3258

Ms. Cawthard's Sch Psych Virtual Calming Corner

Google Classroom Code -- ob4uejg

Food Service Updates

Changes to the food distribution program:

--11/24 -- the last day for food delivery, enough will be delivered to last until 11/30

--12/1 -- distribution will shift to Grab and Go sites, 2 days per week, which will be at East Senior, West Senior, West Elementary, and Winchester. You will be given a 3-day bag on Tuesdays, and a 4-day bag on Fridays. Pick up will be from 10:30am to 1:30pm on these days.

--We will continue to have busses at Cambridge Square, Garden Village, and Slate Creek apartments complexes starting 12/1 from 11:00am to 12:00pm.

--All meals will be free for all students for the entire 2020-2021 school year. If you student has never had a school lunch, now is the time to take advantage.

Tech Help - Chromebook Static?

Technology Support --

Call the main office at 677-3250, we will direct your call to someone who can help.

Call the Tech Department helpline -- 677-3848.

Also, please visit https://www.wscschools.org/go for tutorials and helpful guides.

IF YOU HAVE CHROMEBOOK STATIC or just need tech support for your device -- submit a Helpdesk ticket, please visit -- https://helpdesk.wscschools.org/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa

Thanks again for your support -- no question or concern is too small.

PTA MEMBERSHIP -- Please Join!

West Elementary's PTA does so many wonderful things for our school, and your membership matters!

Please consider joining PTA -- sign up online at https://westelementary.memberhub.store

or at

https://nyspta.org/ (Select Join and search by West Elementary)

Remote Learning and More!!!

Upcoming Events

November 19 -- Delivery of Materials

November 30 -- Kindergarten returns to in-person school

December 7 -- Grades 1 and 2 return to in-person school

January 11-15 -- School Pictures (more information to follow)