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September 07 Labor Day

September 17 Early Dismissal

Ways to Stay Healthy At School

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Character Trait of the Month

This month we will be studying citizenship. A citizen is an official member of a nation, state, or community. Citizens do their part in your community every day. There are good citizens and bad citizens in every community. Good citizens help to make the community, state, or nation a better place. They obey the rules and laws. They do not litter, and may help to pick up litter to make the community a cleaner place to live. Good citizens also do things like obey speed limits and other traffic laws. By being a good citizen, you can make your classroom or community a better place to be.

Dress Code

The following link will connect you to our District's dress code for Elementary Schools. It is important to follow this dress code. We will be conducting dress code checks over the next few weeks. We will be making phone calls home for any student not following dress code.


Parent Focus Portal

The Focus Parent Portal is a tool designed to enhance communication and involvement for you in your child's education. This portal will allow you to monitor your child's progress in school by providing timely access to both assignments and grades that are entered by the teacher throughout the grading period. This communication tool will improve your ability to assist your child and to communicate with the teacher if necessary.

Please visit the front office and speak to Ms. Osborn to set up your Focus Parent Portal account.

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