By:Dani Engels

All about the country Serbia


I chose my background since there was a mountain in it and Serbia has a rocky terrain. You will learn about the geography, people, culture, customs, politics, and other things like GDP. This state will seem very small against other countries due to its size, but it has a lot of interesting things.

Geography and Travel

Some of the major cities are Novi Sad, Nis, Pec, Subotica, and Kragujevac. And Belgrade is there capital city. The sharp mountains, hills, and valleys of the Dinaric Alps go through Serbia west of the Morava River, while the Balkan Mountains form its natural borders with Bulgaria and Romania. Natural lakes in Serbia are very rare thanks to the hard terrain. And the ones that do exist such as the glacial lake Palic, are mostly located in Vojvodina. But there are cold winters and hot, humid summers with well distributed amount of rainfall. Some rivers are ones like Uvac River, Which is an international boundary river, rising under Golija mountain and Pešter plateau, then flowing through southwestern Serbia. And South Morava River ,Which is a river in southern Serbia which represents the shorter headwater of Great Morava. And Timok River, Which is a river in eastern Serbia and for the last 15 km of it, runs a border between eastern Serbia and western Bulgaria. And there are plenty of others, but I just wanted to name a few.

Religion/ Language

Serbia's main religion is Christian. They have been a Christian country since Christianization of Serbs. There official main language is Serbian. Where they have gotten it from Serbia. There flag looksthree equal horizontal stripes of red (top), blue(middle), and white(bottom) These are the Pan-Slav colors representing freedom and revolutionary ideals. In the middle of the flag, close to the bottom,it has a white two-headed eagle on a red shield. The red shield on the eagle represents the Serbian nation, and is divided into four quarters by a white cross. interpretations vary as to the meaning and origin of the white, curved symbols resembling firesteels or Cyrillic "C's" in each quarter. And the royal crown on to of the eagles head represents the coat of arms, or the power.connection with the Order of the Golden Fleece, founded in 1430.The Serbian coat of arms represents a reminder for a need for Serbian people to unite with the cause to preserve their heritage and nationhood.

Holidays or Festival

One Holiday is The Nativity Fast begins 40 days before Christmas Day and has two aspects, spiritual and physical. The spiritual aspect of fasting is the from having no evil thoughts and deeds. The physical aspect is the complete avoidance of fatty foods, which includes all animal-sourced food products (meat, milk, dairy products and eggs). Fish may be eaten on certain days. Another one is the Exit Festival. The Exit Festival is one of the biggest festivals of the year. Year after year the number of visitors is getting bigger, young people come from different parts of the world. Apart from quality music program that is offered, the festival is a place of wild fun, and you can enjoy the cool atmosphere and the positive energy of the city. The Exit Festival is all about the music. Things like Rock music, Electronica, Electronic dance music, Heavy metal, Hip hop music, Punk rock, Drum and bass. A food type is Christmas dinner is formal and consists of certain ceremonial foods which are only prepared on this day: Christmas pečenica (roasted whole pig) and česnica – a cake of wheat flour in which a coin is hidden and which is only broken by hand. Whoever finds the coin in their portion of bread will have good fortune for the next year!

Social and Ethnic Groups

In Elementary School they have it go from 1st grade to 8th grade. You have to be 7 to start and finish at 15. And then the second one is Secondary School. From 9th to 12th. You go from being 15 to 19. The adults pay to have their children to go to school. Must of them drop out of school to help make money for their parents to be able to pay for their basic needs. But their Literacy rate is 99.2% for male and 96.9% for female. Their Ethnic Group are Serb 83.3%, Hungarian 3.5%, Romany 2.1%, Bosniak 2%, other 5.7%, and unknown 3.4%. The men and women's rights are not equal. They stat that " If a woman became an entrepreneur a man would most likely be able to succeed." You would have a harder time trying to get a job as a woman in Serbia than a man.


They have a Parliamentary republic form of Government. Tomislav Nikolic is there current President since 2012. Aleksander Vučić is there prime minister right now. They have a Judicial System, but are not part of the United Nation. They have about the same rights as the United States.


The currency in Serbia is 0.0091 US Dollar. They use Serbian Dinar as there money to use. Their GDP per capita is 4245.54. There highest they have ever gotten is 5024.74 and their lowest is 2078.58. Serbia is the 79th largest export economy in the world. The top exports of Serbia are cars, Insulated wire, rubber tires, frozen fruits and nuts, and knit socks and hosiery. Although their are many more these are the most that are exported. The top imported are Its top imports are Vehicle Parts, Crude Petroleum, Petroleum Gas, Packaged Medicaments, and Refined Petroleum. Although there are a lot more these are their top imports. I believe this country is neither wealthy or poor. But in-between.

Data Maps, Data Graphs

The conclusion that one could come to is that most of the people love being in Serbia. If one would look down on the map it shows that the second biggest religion is Serbian Orthodox. After Muslim. Muslim is 46%, but close behind is Serbian Orthodox with 35%.And if one would look at the Ethnic Map, then one would see that Serbs is the most with 63%. Serbs and Serbian Orthodox was made by the Serbia. And if the Serbs made it and most of them are that then the pride for their country is big. Therefore one can conclude that most of the people love being in Serbia.

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