The Science of Well Being


Your summative assessment in Psychology Term 7

For your summative assessment, you will be building a quality flyer which explains the main points about happiness that we have learned over the course of this term. Each home team will agree on which aspects of their chapter will be explained by each team member. You will be evaluated on your prompt attention to completing your flyer according to the rubric provided. Remember that these flyers are geared for our middle school students. We will complete Chapter 1 together on Wednesday for practice. You begin your independent project on Thursday and your rough draft is due when you arrive for class on Monday. Be prepared to use the Critical Friends protocol in your home team to help you make the revisions that are due on Tuesday. That is the final due date. No extensions unless you have not missed a class this term. Your attendance is required to meet standard.


We have worked in both expert teams and home teams to highlight the most important parts of each chapter before we viewed that section of the documentary, Happy. Use any of your notes from those exercises, your questions from viewing the film, the Middle/High School Instructor's Guide, and your teammates as resources.