The beak is sharp and big to eat fish of all sizes. The MURDEOUS needs to be able to also get creatures in ice and in the snow with its beak. also If the bird needs to get in the ocean but its frozen over it can use its beak to get in.
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The birds feet are webbed so that It can swim underwater ONLY if needed. Also the bird needs to be able to walk in the snow. A bird it's size needs to be able to walk in the snow to stay alive.

Body Size

The body needs to be bigger than most to warm the egg during the spring. The males have more body mass than females to do this. Also when the bird is swimming in the freezing cold water it needs to stay warm with its mass

Wing Size

The wings are not meant for flying but for swimming. When the bird is swimming it needs something to propel it forward. Also the wings are bigger thAn the average empower penguin to go faster than its prey. The wings also keep the bird warm.

And if the bird is being attacked it can use them for protection. If the bird is feeling threatened it can make itself seem bigger with its wings


The bird is very hard to kill mainly due to it's excellent form of camoflage.It ives in the arctic so it being COMPLETELY white helps it sneak on prey and hide from predators.


The bird is incredibly vicious when attacking prey and defending it's self. With it's beak it is able to tear flesh like paper.Most of the time the bird is very friendly towards people and most of the time as docile as the common house cat. BUT when it attacks prey you dont want to be anywhere near it