The Bicycle



There were four inventors of the bicylce that we know of. The inventor we chose to research was Kirkpatrick McMillan. Kirkpatrick was born in Scotland in 1812 and died Jauary 23, 1878. He started out as a blaksmith. He was credited for inventing the back-wheel driven bicycle.

Inspiration for bicycle

Kirkpatrick saw someone on a velocipede, a two wheeled frame pushed along by the rider's feet, and decided to build one for himself. He added pedals to it and finished it in 1838. He completed the world's first ever pedal bicycle. It was built in Scotland where he was a blacksmith.

How It Works

The bicylce transports people from place to place. They are entirely people powered and they don't use gasoline or electricity. We push the pedals with our feet to make the bike move. They can go four times faster than walking.

Impacts On America

The bicylce is affordable to people so they can go places farther than they would be able to walk. Also, the bicyle helps out with pollution because it does not produce carbon monoxide like cars do. Bicylces have created more excercises for people. Now people can get to places easier if they don't have a car.