Coastal Plains Road Trip!

By: Hannah Bauer, Allison Pitala, Michael Brisco

Road Trip!!!

Our first part of our travel was in San Antonio. San Antonio was a great family trip because the drive was short and there was little to no traffic. When we arrived in San Antonio we stared out fun by visiting the Alamo. It was a free tour and a great learning experience for everyone. After the Alamo we went out to back to view the beautiful Alamo Garden. It was a beautiful sight and a great place to take group photos.
For our next fun and exciting day we decided to go to Lake Canyon. It was free entry and an amazing public fishing opportunity. We each fished our selves buckets of fish and released them back into the water. We were very tired and the end of our busy fishing day so we decided to go to the "Little Gretel" which was an amazing European restaurant with great European cultured food.
Since it was our third day on the road we were getting a little tired and decided to take it easy. We started the day with a delicious breakfast and headed off on our 3 hour drive to Houston. When we arrived we met a fellow friend and went to see a Plant of the apes classic at the local Houston movie theatre. After we went to an awesome American Indian restaurant "Bombay Grill". The American Indian styled food was absolutely amazing and so was the service.
It was now our forth day on our coastal plains road trip and we were ready for a big adventure. We decided to take on a hike at the Sam Houston National Forest. We packed our hiking bags and headed up the trail. On our walk we saw a snake, lots of birds, and three rabbits. It was a beautiful scenic hike with a Sam Houston Statue at the end. It was a great priced entry fee and great facility.
Sadly, it was time for our adventurous trip to come to an end. It was drive home day. Although our adventure was ending we had one more ahead of us. We stopped at Buckee's! We didn't fill up on any gas but we still got out and looked at all the cool things for sell and received free peaches.
It was an absolute amazing trip and We recommend it for everyone. It was greatly priced and a great adventure for everyone.