/_- Gigablast -_/

A 2013 Search Engine

Positives About This Search Engine

Gigablast is a very nice website, it is neatly organized and is very specific and consists of the up most neatness. It has many options witch contains a Dictionary and the world wide web.

Negatives About This Search Engine

Even though this is a 2013 web page google witch has been around for ever, is more high tech than this newer web page. Gigablast also is very slow compared to Google, Internet Explorer, and Bing. So in conclusion Gigablast is new but acts like it is 100000! Years old.

Uses of and

Gigablast is able to use and.

Uses of site:org

Gigablast can use site:org.

Uses of " " Marks

Gigablast can use " " marks.

Uses of -sign

Gigablast is able to use -sign.


I wouldn't recommend this site, but if the creators of Gigablast are reading this they should try to update Gigablast and make it better.