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Parsons Tables

Acrylic Coffee Tables

Made from a clear Lucite, acrylic coffee tables are one of the more modern looks that many people have decided to choose for the roomy look they give a room. Because they are clear they add roominess to the area and make the area feel spacious and modern. This is a simple table with a footrest incorporated into it which can also be used for storage for your magazines.

The table is suitable for any room of your home and will add the pizzazz to a room that is being furnished with items not of a contemporary design. This is a fresh new look that can add to a room you would like to make your own unique space. The table is 39 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 15.5 inches high. Just the perfect size for whatever you have in mind, this table is sturdy and will last for many years.

Lucite Tables

Because this table is made from Lucite, which is half the weight of glass, the benefits you should expect from the acrylic coffee table are strength and safety. This is a much safer material than glass so using it for a table makes much more sense. This lessens the probability of breaking and that is one consideration you should keep in mind especially in households with children.

Acrylic coffee tables are easily made and if you want to use them on a patio, they are weatherproof. Many people arrange their patio furniture and need tables to add to the seating arrangements. There are often problems with using certain types of materials outdoors but with acrylic you do not have to worry about the weather ruining your tables. Add to this benefit the strength of the Lucite from which they are made and you have a great table that will withstand just about anything.

If you are looking for simplicity in your occasional tables this is the best bet for practicality and they also look great. Although they may not be for everyone, most people will agree these types of tables are a very well thought out table. They are great for family rooms where the teenagers or smaller children hang out. They can take all the rough and tumble play as well as being used for a footrest without falling apart as some of the cheaper types of wood will.

When you purchase acrylic tables you will get a good value for your money. They will look good, hold up to just about anything, is a footrest, a magazine holder, the best place for your pizza and will still leave a view for whatever is in front of it or the area rug you place underneath. The acrylic coffee tables are an all around good value.

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