SRMS in the 21st Century

Technology Inservice - August 2013

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iPads in the Classroom

It is often helpful to think of the instructional usage of iPad and available apps in terms of three categories: creation apps, apps for gathering new knowledge, and skill based apps.

Given the opportunity students will naturally gravitate towards the apps that allow them to create a product showcasing their knowledge capable of being shared with others.


Kathy Schrooks iPads in the Classroom iPad

iPads in Education network

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Best Practices

There is no doubt that the the computer and the iPad are cool tools. But their use in the classroom should not be based solely upon the “wow” factor but rather upon how they can be used as part of the learning process to collect, consume, and share our learning with others.

The question to ask ourselves, as educators, is not “What can students do with the technology?” but rather “In what way can the technology foster profound student learning?”