an information report on seals

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Sea lion

New Zealand sea lions are one of the rarest seal species in the world. Sea lions are found mainly on beaches in Otago and Southland areas and New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands. also the population of sea lions around the world are about 10, 000 - 15, 000

breeding history

In 1993, a female sea lion nicknamed “Mum” decided to have her pup on an Otago Peninsula beach. This was the first sea lion born on the mainland in over 100 years. Now, over 150 sea lions live on the mainland, and the Otago peninsula averages 4 new pups born each year, almost all related to “Mum.”
NZ sea lions are also starting to breed in the Catlins and on Stewart Island.

Female New Zealand sea lions are record holders

Female New Zealand sea lions may travel up to 175 km from the coast to feed. Dives may be up to 700 m in depth, though most are less than 200 m and last four or five minutes.

Show bussiness

Many seals are also used for shows, tricks and entertainment all around the world people have taught seals to do handstands, balancing a ball on their nose, flipping into water, extreme dives, waving, jumping through hula hoops and more.

By Demi Jonassen