Second Grade SUPER News

Mrs. Morris & Mrs. Pippen

Highlights from Second Grade

Officer Hogan came to our class to present the second D.A.R.E. lesson. This week he talked about the qualities of being a good citizen: being respectful, responsible, honest, and caring. Students shared examples of each quality and how to apply them both in school and at home.
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This week both second grade classes went to the LRC to work on our Real World Experience in Measurement and Data. We used an App on the iPad called 3D Sketch Studio to build 3D birdhouses (rather than paper ones we've done in the past). Students loved the freedom of designing an original birdhouse and recording their measurements.

As we continue our unit on Measurement and Data, we are working on problem solving and money. To help your student the following IXL sections under Counting & Number Patterns for Second Grade should be completed:

A.1, A.2, A.3, A.4, A.5, A.11, and A.12.

Just for Clarification...

Each night your student should bring home an Otter Creek math fact sheet on the TO DO side of the Home/School folder to practice. Please have your child practice the top portion for one minute to see if they make their goal. Then have them finish the top for extra practice. That paper should be put back in the Home/School folder to be completed in class the next day. Also there should be a graded Otter Creek math fact sheet on the DONE side of the Home/School folder that should be left at home.


We are about half way through the first quarter and working toward our individual AR goals. There will be a note sent home on Monday in your child's Home/School folder stating your child's progress thus far. If your child is about half way to their goal, they are on track, just keep reading. If your child is under, please encourage your child to read at least 20 minutes a night and come prepared to take AR quizzes at school. We are striving for 100% of the second grade students meeting or exceeding their goal each quarter.


Our Differentiated Engagement Block (DEB) started this week. It is a daily block of time designed to provide enrichment and intervention for all students. During DEB, students will meet in small groups with peers of similar learning. They will meet with a teacher, work independently reading books at their level and take AR quizzes.

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